Chirashi Sushi

Ingredients (for 5-6 people)

  • Short or medium grain rice 3
  • Vinegar mix (Vinegar 4Tbsp, Sugar 3 Tbsp, Salt 1 tsp)
  • Carrot (chopped) 0.5 oz.
  • Gobo, burdock small piece (half a piece)
  • Lotus root 1 oz.
  • Raw shiitake mushroom 2 pieces
  • Chikuwa, a fish paste 1
  • (A) Soup stock 120 ml / Sugar 2 Tbsp. / Soy sauce 1 Tbsp. / Mirin (or Sake) 1 Tbsp. / Salt 1 tsp.
  • (B) Large egg 2 / Mirin 1 tsp. / Salt a pinch

Wash the rice well, add water into the Inner Cooking Pan up to scale Level 3.

Place the Inner Cooking Pan in the Main Body, close the Outer Lid and plug in. And switch the rice cooker on.

While the rice is cooking, prepare the ingredients. Cut carrots into fine pieces, shred Gobo, cut bamboo shoots in small strips, slice lotus roots into fine pieces, cut raw shiitake mushrooms in thin strips, and cut the chikuwa lengthwise then cut into small pieces. Boil these ingredients in the soup stock from (A) until the soup is gone.

Mix the ingredients from (B) and fry into a thin crepe, and slice into small thin strips.

Prepare sushi rice.
(For more details, see recipe on "Sushi Rice".)

Mix the ingredients from Step 4 with the "Sushi Rice" above.

Sprinkle on the thinly sliced fried egg from Step 5, lotus roots (pickled in vinegar) and nori seaweed. Decorate with boiled shrimp, boiled field peas and top with red ginger.

You could enjoy "Sushi Roll" and "Chirashi Sushi" using "Sushi Rice".